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The lido Müggelsee is a historic outdoor swimming pool on the north-west shore of the large Müggelsee. Since it is located in the Berlin district of Rahnsdorf, it is also known as Strandbad Rahnsdorf. Due to its imposing size and the lakeside promenade with adjacent wide sandy beach, it can definitely be considered as the eastern counterpart of the lido Wannsee. With so much sandy beach, the vacation feeling is guaranteed. But the open-air pool is not only ideal for swimming or sizzling in the sun. For sports enthusiasts, basketball hoops and beach volleyball courts are available directly on the water. Along the promenade you can find a good range of food and drinks - even for vegetarians. Now let's get to the best part: the entrance to the seaside resort is free! Why this is so and other interesting information, you will learn in the next section.

Admission to the lido Müggelsee Berlin

How can it be that such a large and historic open-air bath is accessible free of charge? Until 2006, the bath was managed by the Berliner Bäderbetriebe and was to be closed due to financial difficulties.

Fortunately, the closure was prevented by a takeover by the district of Treptow-Köpenick. Since then, admission has been free of charge all year round.

To this day, the facility is operated by the BA Treptow-Köpenick. It receives support from committed citizens of the associations "Bürger für Rahnsdorf e. V." and "Agrarbörse Deutschland Ost e. V." We would like to take this opportunity to thank all supporters and sponsors of Strandbad Rahnsdorf!

If you would also like to make a small financial contribution to the maintenance of the lido, you can do so at the donation box in the entrance area of the pool.

Equipment at Strandbad Rahnsdorf

In the open-air bath there is an infrastructure available like in a good, chargeable lido. There is a large sandy beach and sunbathing lawns, a beach volleyball court and basketball baskets. For the small hunger there is a snack bar. Sanitary facilities and toilets are also part of the equipment.

Nudism at Müggelsee

The outdoor pool at Müggelsee is especially known for its nudist bathing area. It is not only the only official one at the large Müggelsee, but also very large and designed as a separate area to the lake bath. The nudist area is located north of the main entrance and has its own streetcar station and car parking to comfortably reach the sandy beach and the large sunbathing lawn with shady trees.

Directions and parking

It is relatively easy to get to the open-air swimming pool by public transport. Take the S-Bahn line S3 to the station Friedrichshagen. There you can change to streetcar 60 or 61. After about 6 minutes you can get off directly at the station "Licht- und Luftbad Müggelsee" if you want to go nudist swimming. One stop later (Strandbad Müggelsee), you will find the main entrance to the outdoor pool.

Water quality in the big Müggelsee

The EU regularly checks the water quality of all Berlin bathing spots. In the course of the last test, the EU classification "excellent" was awarded.

At a glance

BewertungBewertungBewertungBewertungBewertung2.5 / 5  Rating
  • Beach
  • Outdoor pool
  • Sandy beach
  • Boat rental
  • Free of charge
  • Child friendly
  • Public transport connection



Public transportation

If you don't have your own car or simply want to use public transport for the sake of the environment, you will find a public transport connection nearby.

Via the bus station nearby, the journey is possible in a cost and environmentally friendly way.

A streetcar station is nearby.

Car & Parkn

The bathing place has its own parking lot for the bathers, where you can park your car.


For cyclists, there are numerous bicycle racks available on the premises. Thus, every environmentally conscious bather will also find a place for his bike.


On the map you can see exactly how to get to the bathing place. You can also see all other bathing places within a radius of 10km. If you want to see more, use our search or radius search.

You can also easily view all the swimming spots in Berlin.

Opening hours

9.00 a.m. - approx. 8.30 p.m. (sunset)




Address: Fürstenwalder Damm 838, 12589 Berlin
Social media:


Here you will also find the latest information on the Water quality.

Sport & Fun

This is what you can discover

Boat rental

If all the hustle and bustle on the shore is too much for you, you can simply take a small boat out on the water and enjoy the sun. There is a boat rental near the bathing place. On hot summer days, however, you should be quick, because then the boats are often completely occupied.

Beach volleyball

Besides swimming and relaxing, you can also play beach volleyball on the premises. The sand court with its fixed net invites you to dig, block and smash.

Children's playground

For the little ones there is a children's playground to climb and let off steam.

Basketball hoop

Those who want to play basketball will find a basket nearby.


Surfing is not only possible in Hawaii - surfing is also possible here. Pack your surfboard, wax and leash and off you go.

Sport & Fun

Boat rental
Beach volleyball
Children's playground
Basketball hoop

Equipment & Infrastructure


Water quality overview

We have the following data on the water quality of the bathing place - Strandbad Müggelsee *.

very goodgoodsufficientdeficient
  • 5
  • 5
  • 5
  • 5
  • 5
  • 5
  • 5
  • 5
  • 5

*Water quality is based on the annual report of the European Environment Agency EEA.

Water quality Strandbad Müggelsee 2022

Safe bathing thanks to regular water tests

In the year 2021, the water quality of the bathing place Strandbad Müggelsee was last checked and submitted to the European Environment Agency for the current report. The current water quality of 2021 is very good suitable for bathing.

Moreover, since the water quality has been classified with the top grade "excellent" for 5 consecutive years the bathing place reaches the highest Swimcheck water quality rating of 5/5 points.

A constant water quality is a good sign and gives you another point of orientation point of reference when answering the question of whether or not to swim here. Please also check the latest publications of the regional authorities, as environmental influences such as heavy rain or hot spells can negatively affect the quality in the short term. cyanobacteria, vibrios or cercariae, among others. Swimcheck does not guarantee the accuracy of the information and does not make any recommendation.

In total, more than 60 bathing sites and lakes are registered in Berlin registered, which are regularly inspected by local authorities for bathing safety. The results are submitted annually to the European Environment Agency.

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Strandbad Müggelsee Weather

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Find accommodation nearby

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Catering and gastronomy

If you swim a lot and relax in the sun, you will naturally get hungry. In the surroundings of the you will find nearby catering facilities. A quick look at the map above map above will show you suitable entries.

Right on the premises there is a snack bar for food. From the delicious portion of fries to a cool beer, everything is available.

  • Matratzen Concord GmbH 0.98 km
  • Bootsmotorencenter Kanzlivius Inh. Frank Wiegand 1.03 km
  • Witt GmbH Heizung & Sanitär 1.07 km
  • Restaurant und Hotel Neu-Helgoland 1.8 km

Overnight stay

Unfortunately, we do not currently have any accommodations listed in the immediate area.


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Badegast - 16.08.2022

Ich stimme dem voll zu dass ein Sicherheitsdienst leider notwendig ist um Spanner vom FKK fernzuhalten und das Fotografieren und Abfilmen meist weiblicher Badegäste zu vermeiden. Dieser Security-Dienst sollte allerdings auch sensibel geschult sein um mit FKK-Badegästen respektvoll umzugehen. Wenn dann männliche(!) Securities vollbekleidet mit verschränkten Armen und halblachend vor einer halbentblößten Frau stehen, die gerade erst angekommen ist und von ihr fordern ihren Slip auszuziehen, unzwar Zitat: "in wenigen Sekunden", grenzt das eher an sexueller Belästigung. Dieses Strandbad mitsamt Personal gehört mal auf den Prüfstand!

Peter - 28.07.2022

Ich stimme Sven oben zu! Fotos und Videos von Frauen an diesem See sind im Internet zu finden und werden teilweise hundert- oder tausendfach angesehen und kommentiert. Es braucht unbedingt stärkere Kontrollen.

Sven - 07.06.2022

Der FKK-Bereich braucht ganz dringend einen Sicherheitsdienst. Die anwesenden Frauen fühlen sich regelmäßig von Spannern und Perversen belästigt. Außerdem werden dreist Fotos und Videos gemacht. Die bekleideten Gäste zeigen zum Großteil keinen Respekt. Es muss unbedingt etwas getan werden!

StrandbadmüggelseeliebhaberInnen - 06.08.2021

Voll schön hier. Leute, die gern rummotzen, einfach woanders hingehen 😁.

Mollo M. - 11.07.2021

Ich nutze hin und wieder sehr gerne den FKK Strand. Für einen kostenlosen Bade- und Sonnenspaß finde ich die Anlage klasse. Bisher habe ich dort ausschliesslich angenehme Nutzer*innen angetroffen. Komische Kauze gibt es überall, aber das ist bei einer "3,6 Millonen Stadt" ganz normal.

Henrik - 05.06.2021

Strand lässt sich nicht mit Padelboot anfahren. Security wird umgehend von Denunzianten und Blockwärten auf einen gehetzt und man vertrieben. Von daher ist die Aussage man könne dort Surfen wohl auch nicht zutreffend. Auf einen alten Bericht sei verwiesen. Ich kann die Zustandsbeschreibung auch knapp 10 Jahre später noch bestätigen. 4.Strandbad selbst oder besser Licht- und Luftbad (FKK), Wenn man am Strandbad entlang fährt ist dass der oft zitierte Parkplatz. Auf den ersten Blick perfekt, da gute Parkmöglichkeiten, großer Bereich zum Aufbauen, Toiletten, freier Eintritt, Stehbereich. Auf den zweiten Blick ein großes rundes und rotumrahmtes Schild mit einem durchgestrichenen Surfer und ein eindeutiger Punkt in der Hausordnung "Wasserfahrzeuge wie Surfbretter etc. zu Wasser lassen strengstens verboten!" Ignoriert man das ganze kann man seine Ruhe haben, bekommt einen Anpfiff von verschiedenen Menschen ohne Hose ( FKK ) oder wird mit dem Erhalt mehrerer Strafanzeigen seitens der Betreiber, Aufseher was auch immer "bedroht". Oder, es wird einfach das Tor abgeschlossen, dass heißt Bretter irgendwie über den Zaun heben und drüber klettern, vorsicht, Zaun ist mit Schmiere oder Öl eingefettet. Im Prinzip ein klasse Einstieg nur nicht erwünscht, es gibt Tage besonders im Herbst da interessiert es niemanden und wird geduldet, ist einer dabei der einen schlechten Tag hat kann es wie oben genannt enden. Seitenhieb: Anscheinend wird es lieber gesehen wenn Herren mitleren Alter, wi....end neben dem Kinderferienlager liegen im FKK Bereich oder die Jugend sich lieber anständig betrinkt im Strandbad.

Frequently asked questions

Can I park at the bathing place Strandbad Müggelsee?
Yes, there is parking at Strandbad Müggelsee.
Is nudist bathing allowed at the bathing site Strandbad Müggelsee?
According to our information, textile-free bathing is possible here 🙂 .
🚣♂️ Can I rent a boat nearby?
Yes, there is a boat rental near the bathing area.
What recreational facilities are available at the bathing site Strandbad Müggelsee?
You'll find the following highlights on site: Boat rental, Beach volleyball, Children's playground, Basketball hoop, Surfing
What is the equipment like on site?
This is part of the equipment: Toilets, Kiosk


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