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Summertime is outdoor pool time. As soon as the temperatures are warm enough, the summer and outdoor summer and outdoor pools open. In addition to outdoor pools with chlorinated pools, they also exist as enclosed areas on rivers or lakes. You can recognize them by names like Waldbad, Naturbad, Flussbad, Strandbad or Seebad. A mixture of both are artificially created swimming and bathing ponds, also called bio-ponds. There the water is purified without chlorine and chemicals and good for people and the environment.

In contrast to wild bathing places, outdoor swimming pools in Portugal usually have a more complex infrastructure such as changing rooms, toilets, kiosks, sunbathing areas, diving towers, beach volleyball courts and table tennis tables. are also monitored by supervisors. This offers more comfort and safety, but also costs an entrance fee. entrance fee.

Here you can find the most beautiful outdoor swimming pools in Portugal. The Portugal -map on this page offers you a compact overview of the most beautiful outdoor pools.

As different as the outdoor pools are, so are the wishes of the visitors. So you can find via the Swimcheck filter search to find the swimming pool that suits you. Our radius search also allows you with just one click to explore to explore all swimming pools in your area.

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Some of the most beautiful Outdoor pools in Portugal

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Piscina Natural de Ançã

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Little facts about Portugal

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Average water quality in Portugal*

very goodgoodsufficientdeficient
  • 4.8
  • 4.8
  • 4.8
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  • 4.9
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  • 4.9
  • 4.9
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*Water quality is based on the annual report of the European Environment Agency EEA.

Water quality Portugal 2024

Safe bathing thanks to regular water tests

In total, more than 539 bathing sites and lakes are registered in Portugal registered, which are regularly inspected by local authorities for bathing safety. The results are submitted annually to the European Environment Agency.

Portugal performs very well on a regular basis. The average value of the last test from 2021 was 4.9. This is no improvement on the previous year. 2020 the value was 4.9

Unfortunately, no values are yet available for the year 2022.

Current: For the year 2021 (latest report) the test results are now available. 90.7% of all bathing sites had a very good water quality according to the EU criteria 2021. 96.3% achieved a good water quality.

Please also check the latest publications of the regional authorities, as environmental influences such as heavy rainfall or hot spells can have a short-term negative quality in the short term and can promote blue-green algae (cyanobacteria), vibrios, cercariae or other other germs.
Swimcheck does not guarantee the accuracy of the information and does not make any does not make any recommendation.

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Discover everything about swimming and bathing

Summer bath Portugal

Open in summer and equipped in many ways.

Where do you go swimming in the summer when there's no lake, river or coast nearby? Exactly, To the nearest summer pool! Here you can swim in an outdoor pool and take advantage of the extensive facilities. Many summer pools have a kiosk, beach volleyball courts, ping pong tables, slides, diving towers, non-swimmer areas and baby pools. Plenty of room for fun, variety and relaxation for the whole family.

The thermometer is rising and you want to cool down quickly? Then go to the outdoor pool and leave everyday life behind you! behind you!

River, beach and seaside resorts

If you want to do without chlorinated water, natural baths or bathing ponds are just the right place. Here either bathe directly at rivers or lakes or rely on natural purification processes. This has obvious advantages, but it also means that the water quality is subject to natural fluctuations and cyanobacteria or blue-green algae can occur. In natural pools, the water quality is is therefore tested regularly. At wild bathing places at lakes, rivers or coasts, on the other hand, you should check the check the local announcements of the authorities.

Depending on location and focus, there are many designations for natural outdoor pools. Examples of these are forest bath, natural bath, river bath, beach bath or lake bath.

Frequently searched features of outdoor swimming pools

Outdoor pool Portugal with slide/water slide

Sliding into the water is something great and fun for kids and adults alike. Perfect for the whole family! Here you can find outdoor pools in Portugal with water slide.

Outdoor pool Portugal with diving tower

You want to jump from a 3, 5 or even 10 meter tower? Here you can find all summer pools with diving tower in Portugal.

Outdoor pool Portugal with baby pool

Of course, the very little ones should also have a great day in the outdoor pool. Here babies can babies can splash around happily with their parents.

Outdoor pool Portugal with overnight stay/hotel

If you need a place to stay nearby, we show you here Outdoor pools with accommodation/hotel.

Outdoor pool Portugal with nudist

For friends of naturism, some indoor pools also offer nudist areas. On the following following page you can find all pools with nudist areas.

"Europe may know where Portugal is, but I continue to doubt that this Europe knows what Portugal is.
"- José Saramago

Top 10 Outdoor pools in Portugal

Here we show you the best Outdoor pools

  1. Piscina Natural de Ançã
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