Swimming pools in Portugal

From indoor to outdoor swimming pools - in Portugal you will find several varied swimming pools. While outdoor pools are usually only open in the warm season, indoor pools offer the possibility to swim and relax all year round. swimming and relaxing.

For sports enthusiasts there are special sports pools with diving tower and 50m lanes. On the other hand, if you are looking for or relaxation, leisure and fun pools are the place to be. Whether with water slide, wave pool, whirlpool or massage jets - there is something for every taste.

Our Portugal map on this page provides you with a compact overview to discover the perfect perfect swimming pool for you.

Wondering "Where to go swimming in Portugal?" - Use the search and find the right swimming pool in your area in your area that meets your requirements.

Are you not looking for swimming pools but simple bathing places in Portugal? Then have a look here.

Schwimmbäder Portugal
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Some of the most beautiful Swimming pools in Portugal

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Piscina Natural de Ançã

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Discover everything about swimming and bathing

Indoor swimming pools in Portugal

From sports pools to fun pools, there is something for everyone.

Swimming is good for the back and health in general. Especially in bad weather or or in the cold season, it is fun to swim a few laps in a covered swimming pool at Portugal. jumping from the diving tower or getting a massage from a jet of water. Swimming pools with a roof protect against all weather conditions and are therefore also called called all-weather pools. Some swimming pools are combination pools and also offer the possibility to swim in an outdoor area to swim. This is especially fun in winter, when it is freezing cold outside but you can swim can stay in the warm water of the outdoor pool. In addition to the classic indoor pools, there are also modern special forms, where the bath is only in winter with an air dome. Also convertible roofs or telescopic halls are well-known hybrid solutions between outdoor and indoor pools.

Did you know that public baths and city baths are called that because they are owned by the city and were used to be used primarily as public baths for personal hygiene?

Outdoor pools in Portugal

In the summer months, outdoor pools in Portugal are especially popular with young and old and provide for cooling off, fun and relaxation. In contrast to simple bathing places, the outdoor pools in in Portugal have an extensive infrastructure and sports and recreational facilities such as beach volleyball, table tennis and much more.

In addition to completely artificial pools, there are also natural pools at flowing or standing bodies of water waters such as the sea, bathing lakes or rivers (river bathing). A great hybrid form is also the so-called bathing pond or swimming pond in which an artificial lake is created is created, which does not have to be chlorinated.

Outdoor pools with a sandy beach are often referred to directly as a lido.

In the winter, some outdoor pools occasionally host events such as ice skating or ice bathing.

Sports pools in Portugal

Are you looking for a sporting challenge and want to train properly?

Then a sports pool in Portugal is just right for you! Besides their function as training facilities for water sports clubs and professional athletes, sports pools are also a good possibility to keep fit with crawl swimming or backstroke. Often also swimming courses and swim training are also offered. In addition to pools with a length of 25 or even 50 meters, they often also have a separate diving pool with diving boards. The diving boards often have heights of 1, 3, 5 or even 10 meters. Perfect for a header, somersault or a twist.

Fun and recreational pools in Portugal

If fun and recreation is your priority, then a fun pool is just what you need! Besides a classic swimming pool, there are many attractions in leisure pools. Slides, sauna, steam bath, current channel, wave pool, massage jets, whirlpool and much more. Especially for children always a great fun.

Water parks and adventure pools go one step further and are all about action and fun. and fun. Huge slides and whitewater channels offer a great swimming experience.

Thermal bath in Portugal

For health and recreation in Portugal there is a thermal bath. There you can recover extensively. Spas also offer you a place of rest and relaxation.

Frequently searched features of swimming pools

Swimming pool Portugal with slide

Water slides are an experience for young and old. From the small children's waterslide to the long tube slide tube slide, there is something for everyone. All swimming pools in Portugal with slide you can find here.

Swimming pool Portugal with diving tower

Not only high divers will get their money's worth here. Who likes to jump from a springboard from 1, 3, 5 or even even 10 meters into the water, then a swimming pool in swimming pool in Portugal with a diving tower is a must.

Swimming pool Portugal with whirlpool

What could be nicer than sitting in a warm whirlpool after work or on the weekend, relaxing the relax your muscles and recharge your batteries? Many spas have a Jacuzzi in their wellness offer. The small air bubbles cause a gentle massage and stronger water jets massage more intensively. You can find swimming pools in Portugal with jacuzzi here.

Swimming pool Portugal with sauna

A sauna is good for health and serves for relaxation. Through the alternation of sweating phase, cooling phase and resting phase, the immune system is hardened against colds. Swimming pools in Portugal with sauna can be found here.

Swimming pool Portugal with outdoor pool

In combination pools you will find not only a covered pool, but also an outdoor pool, which can usually be reached directly by swimming. can be reached directly by swimming. Especially in winter, it's a great experience to sit in the warm warm water and the snow is falling all around. All swimming pools in Portugal with outdoor pools can be found here.

Swimming pool Portugal with baby pool

For the smallest bathers who can not yet swim, baby pools are ideal. They can splash splashing and sliding. All swimming pools in Portugal with baby pools can be found here.

Swimming pool Portugal with children

Child-friendly pools are characterized by a child-friendly infrastructure. This includes playgrounds, toilets, snack facilities, children's pools, lifeguards and much more.

Swimming pool Portugal with overnight stay

You would like to stay a little longer and take advantage of the full range of leisure and recreational opportunities? Then swimming pools in Portugal with accommodation are ideal.

Swimming pool Portugal with hot water

A swimming pool with a heated pool is particularly pleasant not only in winter. The warm water relaxes the muscles and makes the time fly by.

"Europe may know where Portugal is, but I continue to doubt that this Europe knows what Portugal is.
"- José Saramago

Top 10 Swimming pools in Portugal

Here we show you the best Swimming pools

  1. Piscina Natural de Ançã
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