Swimming lakes in Lithuania

The southernmost of the three Baltic states offers beaches on the Baltic coast as well as great swimming lakes and rivers in the hinterland.

Lithuania offers many beautiful and natural bathing lakes in a unique natural landscape. Numerous bathing places at rivers and lakes invite you to wild swim and relax. On our Lithuania map a little further down below you will get a practical overview to discover the most beautiful lake for you. From quarry ponds and reservoirs to mountain lakes, all types of inland lakes are represented.

You're out and about right now in Lithuania wondering "Where can I find a swimming lake near me? " Now discover your favorite nearby lake with the area search that meets your requirements. No matter whether it is particularly beautiful, large or secluded and quiet.

You love sandy beaches and want to go nudist bathing? Or you do not have your own car and want to reach the reach the beach by public transport? No problem! Use the comfortable filter search and rediscover your surroundings.

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Badeseen Lithuania
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Discover Bathing places in the individual regions:

Alytaus 13Bezirk Wilna 1County Louth 1Kauno 8Marijampolė 6Memel 19Panevezys County 12Siauliai County 21Taurage County 3Telšiai 9Utenos 15Vilnius 19

Some of the most beautiful Bathing places in Lithuania

126 Entries found


Water qualityWater qualityWater qualityWater qualityWater quality
  • Simple bathing place
  • CateringCatering
  • Gastronomy in generalGastronomy in general
  • AccommodationAccommodation
  • Restaurant nearRestaurant near


Water qualityWater qualityWater qualityWater qualityWater quality
  • Simple bathing place
  • BeachBeach
  • CateringCatering
  • Gastronomy in generalGastronomy in general
  • AccommodationAccommodation
  • Restaurant nearRestaurant near

Smiltynes Senojo Kelto

Water qualityWater qualityWater qualityWater qualityWater quality
  • Simple bathing place
  • BeachBeach
  • Coast


Water qualityWater qualityWater qualityWater qualityWater quality
  • Simple bathing place
  • CateringCatering
  • Gastronomy in generalGastronomy in general
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  • AccommodationAccommodation
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Little facts about Lithuania

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Average water quality in Lithuania*

very goodgoodsufficientdeficient
  • 4.8
  • 4.9
  • 4.8
  • 4.8
  • 4.8
  • 4.8
  • 4.8
  • 4.8
  • 4.8

*Water quality is based on the annual report of the European Environment Agency EEA.

Water quality Lithuania 2024

Safe bathing thanks to regular water tests

In total, more than 126 bathing sites and lakes are registered in Lithuania registered, which are regularly inspected by local authorities for bathing safety. The results are submitted annually to the European Environment Agency.

Lithuania performs very well on a regular basis. The average value of the last test from 2021 was 4.8. This is no improvement on the previous year. 2020 the value was 4.8

Unfortunately, no values are yet available for the year 2022.

Current: For the year 2021 (latest report) the test results are now available. 81.1% of all bathing sites had a very good water quality according to the EU criteria 2021. 85.8% achieved a good water quality.

Please also check the latest publications of the regional authorities, as environmental influences such as heavy rainfall or hot spells can have a short-term negative quality in the short term and can promote blue-green algae (cyanobacteria), vibrios, cercariae or other other germs.
Swimcheck does not guarantee the accuracy of the information and does not make any does not make any recommendation.

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Discover everything about swimming and bathing

Vacation in Lithuania on the lake

Whether vacation home, hotel or camping - the main thing is at the lake!

Why not just stay a little longer? Not only day trips and short trips to the nearest to the nearest lake are a great change from everyday life and the perfect leisure opportunity. Even a complete summer vacation at the lake is fun and the recreation is often closer than you think. It doesn't always have to be the Mediterranean. Also for the sake of the environment or your wallet. Lithuania offers many lakes for a relaxed bathing vacation with children or the partner. By a multiplicity at recreational opportunities, there is something for everyone. From a boat trip with a rowing boat to a boat trip across the lake, diving, fishing, water skiing or simply just playing beach volleyball and having a barbecue. From inexpensive to the upper price range are different accommodation options are available. From camping to hotel - the main thing is at the lake!

Lake vacation in Lithuania
Camping on the lake in Lithuania

Camping in Lithuania on the lake

The closest to nature is definitely on a campsite! Whether in your own tent, in a comfortable bungalow or directly in the mobile caravan. A camping vacation is an experience for the whole family. Early in the morning with a cup of coffee at the lake, watching the shallow waves and thinking about whether to curl up in the hammock today. hammock, read a book and let the soul dangle or rather play soccer and table tennis with the children. playing soccer and table tennis with the kids and then fire up the grill.

Now find a swimming lake with a campground.

Stay in a cottage or hotel on the lake

You long for rest and relaxation and do not want to sacrifice comfort?

Vacation homes and apartments on the lake in Lithuania are just the right thing for all nature & water lovers. Water lovers, who nevertheless do not want to do without some luxury. A vacation home is suitable especially for families and larger groups who want to spend their vacations together at the lake. Common Excursions, cook together and let the view wander over the water - that's what recreation looks like.

Vacation home on the lake in Lithuania

Bathing lakes, bathing places and outdoor swimming pools

Currently 126 swimming possibilities are listed in Lithuania. Whether at rivers, lakes or the sea or even as an open-air bath or summer bath laid out. For each bathing place you find the most important information at Swimcheck to get an get as good an overview as possible. This includes details such as beach condition, accessibility, boat rental in the vicinity, naturist nudist bathing and much more.

Beaches in Lithuania

Thanks to its coastal location, Lithuania offers numerous beaches directly by the sea. Countless beach sections and beach resorts offer a large and varied selection for all selection for all water rats and sun worshippers. You will find both the prominent beaches in the party regions as well as the more more touristy dream beaches in more remote areas. Discover now the most beautiful beaches in Lithuania!

Frequently searched properties of bathing lakes

Swimming lakes Lithuania with dog - Where are dogs allowed?

Lithuania offers many beautiful swimming lakes, which are also accessible for you and your dog. Spend a relaxing day outdoors and let your dog splash in the cool water. Some bathing lakes have special areas for dogs where they can swim undisturbed. However, it is important to know the rules of each bathing lake before you go there, as some bathing places may have may have restrictions for dogs. Don't forget to keep your dog on a leash if he is not allowed to swim and make sure you keep the area clean by disposing of waste immediately. immediately. Also, make sure your dog is not too noisy and does not disturb other visitors. other visitors. Spend an unforgettable day with your dog at a swimming lake in Lithuania!

Swimming lakes in Lithuania with dog.

Bathing lakes Lithuania with child - Child friendly bathing lakes

Child-friendly bathing lakes are characterized by a child-friendly infrastructure, such as playgrounds, Toilets, lifeguards and many more. Find a bathing lake that has a child-friendly atmosphere and enjoy the cool water, the sun and nature. Don't forget to bring enough sunscreen, snacks and drinks to make the day as pleasant as possible. A visit to a swimming lake in Lithuania is a great way to spend time with your kids and create new memories.

Swimming lakes in Lithuania with child.

Bathing lakes Lithuania with toilet

Swimming lakes in Lithuania often offer well-equipped infrastructure, including toilets. You can a refreshing and comfortable day outdoors without worrying about the lack of sanitary facilities. facilities. However, make sure in advance whether the desired bathing lake has toilets.

Bathing lakes Lithuania with toilet.

Nudist bathing lakes in Lithuania

Lithuania offers a selection of bathing lakes, which are also suitable for naturism (FKK). You can take off your clothes and refresh yourself in complete freedom in the water. However, it is important the rules of each bathing lake carefully, as some bathing places may have restrictions. have. Make sure you are respectful of other bathers and that you keep the environment clean. clean.

Nudist swimming lakes Lithuania.

Free bathing lakes in Lithuania - bathing pleasure without entrance fee

Lithuania offers many great ways to enjoy the summer, even without paying an entrance fee. pay. There are many free swimming lakes where you can enjoy the sun, water and nature without paying an entrance fee. nature without paying an entrance fee. Spend a relaxing day outdoors and enjoy the cool water without having to dig deep into your pocket. without having to dig deep into your pocket.

Free swimming lakes Lithuania.

Bathing lakes Lithuania with public transport

Lithuania also offers bathing possibilities, which can be reached comfortably with public transport for example, bus, streetcar or S-Bahn. Spend a refreshing day outdoors, without having to without having to worry about traffic and parking. So you can fully concentrate on the concentrate on the pleasure of swimming.

Bathing lakes Lithuania with public transport.

Lakes in Lithuaniazum walking and cycling

The beautiful bathing lakes in Lithuania can also be explored by walking, biking or cycling. bike tour. Spend a refreshing day outdoors and enjoy nature. Whether you prefer to along the shore or on a bicycle, the bathing lakes in Lithuania are a real insider tip for nature lovers.

Bathing lakes Lithuania with bike racks.

"The stone that remains in one place is covered with moss.
"- Lithuanian Proverb

Top 10 Bathing places in Lithuania

Here we show you the best Bathing places

  1. Salotes
  2. Laiciu Ii
  3. Ventos
  4. Nidos
  5. Juros
  6. Lusiu
  7. Smiltynes Senojo Kelto
  8. Melnrages I
  9. Gaustvinio
  10. Rekyvos
Top 10 swimming spots


to swimming lakes in Lithuania

What lakes are there in Lithuania?
Lithuania is rich in lakes, which are spread all over the country. Popular swimming lakes are Lake Drūkšiai, Lake Plateliai, Lake Asveja and Lake Tauragnas. They offer a variety of activities, including swimming, boating and fishing.
Is Lithuania a good place to spend a vacation?
Yes, you can have a good vacation in Lithuania. It offers a rich culture, beautiful scenery and a variety of activities. There are many sights to explore, such as the ancient city of Vilnius, the many lakes and forests. The coast is also a popular destination.
Is Lithuania known for its swimming lakes?
Lithuania is best known for its picturesque lakes and rivers. Many lakes are ideal for swimming and bathing, as they are clean and clear. Most lakes are surrounded by forests, which offer refreshing cooling. Some lakes also have beaches for sunbathing and relaxing.
What excursion destinations are nearby?
Lithuania offers many other destinations, such as the ancient capital Vilnius, Trakai Castle, the coast of the Curonian Lagoon and the Lake District. You can also go hiking, cycling, horseback riding, boating, fishing and much more.