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Stress in everyday life is familiar to all of us. The more demanding and complex our everyday lives become, the more important it becomes that we pay attention to our own well-being. Wellness offers have been enjoying popularity for years. Treat yourself to a few hours of relaxation or book directly an entire wellness weekend in Greece. Whether day spas, thermal baths, saunas or hammams (hamams) - all offers provide plenty of space for relaxation.

Even the ancient Romans and Greeks knew about the healing power and value of water. That is why they built thermal baths for the population in every major city. The mineral thermal water has a relaxing effect on the muscles and is good for the circulation as well as for chronic diseases and allergies.

On the following Greece -map you will find an overview of the most beautiful thermal baths and wellness offers in Greece.

The wishes of visitors are as varied as the spas and thermal baths. Using the Swimcheck filter search you will find the right place to relax. Discover offers with sauna, steam bath, brine bath, whirlpool, warming room, infrared zone, solarium, wellness area, physiotherapy, massages and much more. Our area search allows you to find to explore all spas & wellness options in your area with just one click.

Schwimmbäder Greece
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Some of the most beautiful Spas & Wellness in Greece

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Glyfada Beach Athen

Water qualityWater qualityWater qualityWater qualityWater quality
  • Spa / Wellness
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  • BeachBeach
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  • Child friendlyChild friendly
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Thermal baths Greece

Rest and relaxation through warm thermal water

Especially during the cold season and in case of physical complaints, spas are real oases of relaxation.

Thermal baths were very popular even in ancient times. They use the naturally available, warm groundwater with a temperature of over 20°C. The mostly mineralized thermal water has a positive, therapeutic effect on the body. Many popular spas have grown up around these springs. emerged. Did you know that Budapest is the largest thermal spa in the world? More than 21 baths invite you to relax and swim there.

Many thermal spas in :objekt also offer extensive wellness offers and sauna landscapes and thus provide you with a relaxing wellness moment.

Wellness & SPAs in Greece

Treat yourself to some self-care in Greece

Wellness is understood as harmony of body, mind and soul. Whether wellness weekend or even a whole wellness vacation: A visit to a spa, SPA or hammam lets you get away from it all and is beneficial for the whole body. the whole body. In addition to massages and sauna sessions, meditation and yoga courses are often offered. are offered. Healthy food & drinks round off the experience.

Wellness vouchers for a birthday, Valentine's Day or at Christmas

By the way: Wellness vouchers are a very popular gift in Greece. They offer your loved ones a little escape from everyday life and allow them to recharge their body's batteries. Can you already think of a person? The next birthday, Valentine's Day or Christmas will soon be around the corner. around the corner.

Sauna in Greece

Did you know that Finnish sauna culture has been a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage since 2020? No wonder, because hardly any other nation has elevated saunas to such a popular sport. Regular Saunagänge in Greece have many positive effects on the body. They serve the health, body cleansing and improve general well-being.

Among other things, regular sauna is said to prevent colds. It also helps with complaints of the nervous system, with arthrosis and back pain. In addition to the health benefits one meets other humans and comes easily into the discussion.

Find now a swimming pool in Greece with sauna.

In addition to the classic sauna, Roman steam baths are also very popular and are often found in swimming pools. found.

Frequently searched for spas & wellness

Thermal Greece with sauna

Sauna sessions are for health and relaxation. Do something for your well-being and find a spa in spa in Greece with sauna.

Thermal baths Greece with slide/water slide

You are not only looking for relaxation but also for some action in the water? Water slides are fun for fun for kids and adults alike. Perfect for the whole family! Here you can find Spas in Greece with water slides.

Thermal baths Greece with baby pool

Even the little ones should feel comfortable in the spa and be allowed to let off steam. Here babies can babies can splash around happily with their parents in the baby pool.

Thermal baths Greece with children

A visit to a spa is fun for the whole family. Here you can find child-friendly spas in Greece.

Thermal baths Greece with overnight stay/hotel/holiday apartment

You would like to stay longer? For all those who would like to visit a thermal spa for several days or weeks a thermal spa with overnight accommodation is a good option. This includes hotels or vacation apartments. Here you can find thermal baths with accommodation.

Thermal Greece with camping

A campsite with a thermal spa nearby, offers the ideal combination of inexpensive, individual accommodation and relaxation in the thermal waters.

Thermal baths Greece with nudism

Some spas offer a nudist area or certain times for friends of nudism. You can find out which ones here.

"In every creature of nature lives the marvelous.
"- Aristotle

Top 10 Spas & Wellness in Greece

Here we show you the best Spas & Wellness

  1. Glyfada Beach Athen
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