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Vn Terlicko - Pod Motelem

Simple bathing place
In Czech Republic, Moravskoslezsky Kraj

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On the map you can see exactly how to get to the bathing place. You can also see all other bathing places within a radius of 10km. If you want to see more, use our search or radius search.

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Here you will also find the latest information on the Water quality.

Water quality overview

We have the following data on the water quality of the bathing place - Vn Terlicko - Pod Motelem *.

very goodgoodsufficientdeficient
  • 5
  • 5
  • 5
  • 5
  • 5
  • 5
  • 5
  • 5
  • 5

*Water quality is based on the annual report of the European Environment Agency EEA.

Water quality Vn Terlicko - Pod Motelem 2024

Safe bathing thanks to regular water tests

In the year 2021, the water quality of the bathing place Vn Terlicko - Pod Motelem was last checked and submitted to the European Environment Agency for the current report. The current water quality of 2021 is very good suitable for bathing.

Moreover, since the water quality has been classified with the top grade "excellent" for 5 consecutive years the bathing place reaches the highest Swimcheck water quality rating of 5/5 points.

A constant water quality is a good sign and gives you another point of orientation point of reference when answering the question of whether or not to swim here. Please also check the latest publications of the regional authorities, as environmental influences such as heavy rain or hot spells can negatively affect the quality in the short term. cyanobacteria, vibrios or cercariae, among others. Swimcheck does not guarantee the accuracy of the information and does not make any recommendation.

In total, more than 25 bathing sites and lakes are registered in Moravskoslezsky Kraj registered, which are regularly inspected by local authorities for bathing safety. The results are submitted annually to the European Environment Agency.

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Catering and gastronomy

If you swim a lot and relax in the sun, you will naturally get hungry. In the surroundings of the you will find nearby catering facilities. A quick look at the map above map above will show you suitable entries.

There are restaurants in the vicinity.

  • Country Club T─Ťrlicko 0.58 km
  • Badura Jind┼Öich 0.59 km
  • Opravy ko┼żen├Żch od─Ťv┼» Hav├ş┼Öov - PREISS s.r.o. 1.7 km

Hotel / Pension Vn Terlicko - Pod Motelem

This bathing place is not only suitable for day trips. In the surrounding area you can find a hotel or guesthouse where you can also treat yourself to a longer break from everyday life. Be it a short trip over the weekend or a longer vacation.

  • Ja┼íkovsk├í TAVERN 0.38 km
  • Hotel Ja┼íkovsk├í Kr─Źma 0.39 km
  • Country Club T─Ťrlicko 0.58 km
  • Kav├írna Lucie s ubytov├ín├şm 1.19 km

Vn Terlicko - Pod Motelem Campsite / Tent site

There is a campsite/tent site near the bathing area.


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    Frequently asked questions

    ­čĆĽ´ŞĆ´ŞĆIs there a campsite near the bathing Vn Terlicko - Pod Motelem?
    Yes, if you would like to stay longer you can use the nearby campsite.


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    1.19 km

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